Beating back cancer: Five women’s stories

Beating back cancer: Five women’s stories



At a time in which the incidence of cancer seems to be increasing due to mysterious environmental and/or genetic factors, to battle against the disease and come out alive has a unique resonance today. A group of women from Unity of the Keys has boldly faced this life or death challenge and have not only lived to tell about it, but are offering their stories of success to the community in an informal forum: The many paths to managing breast cancer.

These stories will be told by five very strong women on Sunday, April 27, at 1 p.m. at Unity. The forum is “being offered as a free community education program with love offerings accepted on behalf Relay for Life,” said Donna Shields, with Catherine Duncan, coordinator of the event. Joining them will be Katharine Doughty, Allison Moyer and Catherine Vogel. All of them “have recently battled breast cancer, each taking a different route to health and wellness. Learn how conventional and other treatment modalities, such as nutrition, acupuncture, energy medicine and yoga, can be successfully integrated into a treatment plan,” said Shields. Continue reading

Howelings: A wake for the Chinese


A Wake for the Chinese

BY MARK HOWELL             

One of the — if not the — wackiest novels ever written in the English language just has to be “Finnegan’s Wake” by James Joyce.

It took the Irish author of “Ulysses” 17 years to write and was published just two years before his death in 1941.  Its first sentence is a continuation of the book’s last sentence and the entire thing is a mélange of puns and allusions and streams od consciousness that suggest the morning mind of an awakening H. C. Earwicker, or H.C.E. or Here Comes Everybody (who knows?) and it remains the one great book that’s been read by almost nobody. Continue reading

Revolutionary new tool will kick-start annual budget planning

Revolutionary new tool will kick-start annual budget planning



When the city of Key West’s annual budget cycle kicks off at 6 p.m. tonight in a special City Commission meeting, it will be unlike any other budget planning rotation in the city’s history.

Yes, there will be discussion and likely arguments over which new projects the city should take on. Yes, there will be pencil sharpening and horse trading to pay for the programs that maintain the quality of life in Key West. Continue reading

Porter proposing PIO, Clarification position

Porter proposing PIO, Clarification position



Mark Porter, the superintendent of the Monroe County School District, wants to create a part-time position to help the district manage its records and respond to public records requests.

The multiple public information and policy clarification requests from one person—former audit and finance committee member Larry Murray—has highlighted the district administration’s need to manage and streamline the thousands of pages of records it generates every year. Continue reading

ETTE Columnist responds


Columnist responds


A few days ago, an article I wrote regarding Sweden and Muslims appeared in E-Blast. A Ms. Elizabeth Fondelius wrote a very critical email concerning the article. She charged flagrant inaccuracies, false representations, and straight out make believe Disney style. All of which are without basis.

Ms. Fondelius challenged me to set forth the references and sources used in composing the article. I am happy to do so. With one admonition. The following are a small number of the sources relied on. All via Internet research. They are representative, however. Total research involved 10-12 hours. Continue reading

Noise ordinance debate may end tonight

Noise ordinance debate may end tonight



The fat lady may be singing tonight.

If all goes as anticipated, the year-long debate over changing the city’s noise ordinance will be settled tonight at a special meeting of the Key West City Commission. There are three proposed ordinances on the agenda that would change noise regulations. Two, involving allowable loudness during specific times, are second readings so if commissioners vote to approve those ordinances, they would become law immediately. Continue reading

Dear parent: Your child is fat

Dear parent: Your child is fat


Your lovely child comes home with a note from the school nurse with a rude awakening:

“Dear Mrs. Cupcake, during our annual body mass index screening of all elementary school students, we found that little Johnny is overweight. Please contact us so we can discuss healthy eating choices.”

The note may not quite read this way, but school districts around the nation increasingly find it necessary to inform parents that their elementary, middle school or high school student is overweight or obese. Continue reading

Key West Lou COMMENTARY Muslims



Muslims taking over Sweden

by Louis Petrone.

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe. Its capital and largest city is Stockholm. Until recent years, Sweden was considered one of the best run governments in the world. Not any longer. Muslim immigration in recent years has dramatically altered the Sweden of yesterday.

Sweden has always opened its doors to everyone. Especially the oppressed. It is the nature of the Swedish people. Continue reading

Portrait of Homelessness: Mariella Pascal

Portrait of Homelessness


Mariella Pascal, 42

After being born to a 12-year-old mother who almost died during childbirth and a middle aged father, Mariella Pascal was sent from France to live in the United States  with grandparents in New York.

Homelessness began at the age of 5 when mental illness which became Schizophrenia later in life, caused her grandparents to rejected her.  Continue reading